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Three Key Elements of a Safety Culture

Tips for creating a workplace environment where everyone shares beliefs, practices and attitudes focused on improving safety.

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Top Ten Warning Signs of Fraud - A Guide for Small Businesses

Everyone ends up paying the price for fraud through higher premiums, lost jobs and profits, lower wages and benefits, and higher costs for goods and services. Learn the top ten warning signs of fraud and how EMPLOYERS strives to prevent insurance fraud from impacting your business.

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Marijuana in the Workplace

Now that marijuana has become legal in 24 states for medicinal or recreational purposes, a new poll by EMPLOYERS found that small businesses have mixed feelings about its presence in the workplace. Download to find out more.

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Eliminate Workers' Compensation Fraud Slideshare

EMPLOYERS provides fraud prevention support and proactive assistance once a suspected fraudulent claim has been submitted. We help your business combat workers' compensation fraud, so your experience rating will not suffer and annual premiums will not increase. Our process is proactive and efficient, and is aimed at helping you mitigate the adverse effects of fraudulent claims and continue with business as usual. This slideshare download explains how our process works and how we are impacting businesses like yours.


EMPLOYERS Anti-Fraud Success Story: The Case of the Slippery Employee (2014)

In January 2014, a restaurant cook alleged that he fell off a ladder while performing work-related tasks at a family-style restaurant. The worker claimed that as a result of his fall he suffered multiple injuries to the right side of his body, including his right hand, ribs and neck. The restaurant owner reviewed video footage from the security camera mounted in the area of the alleged fall. He observed that the employee had been sitting on the floor when he kicked a nearby ladder, creating the illusion that he had fallen off the ladder.


Eliminate Workers' Compensation Fraud Before it Eliminates Your Business

EMPLOYERS offers preventative fraud protection services to help your business get ahead of workers' compensation fraud before it impacts your bottom line. This whitepaper explains how EMPLOYERS provides fraud prevention support and proactive assistance once a suspected fraudulent claim has been submitted.   


EMPLOYERS Anti-Fraud Success Story: The Case of the Disappearing Employee and the Proactive Policyholder

Several years ago, a handy man was terminated by a country inn and restaurant for numerous violations of company rules and policies. Upon being terminated, the employee stated that he had injured his back and shoulder as the result of an injury he sustained earlier while working at the inn. He completed a claim for benefits, but declined immediate medical treatment.


Whitepaper: Quick Guide to Workers' Compensation for Small Business

You have enough on your plate taking care of your business and employees. This is why EMPLOYERS created the Quick Guide to Workers' Compensation for Small Business whitepaper with its valuable insights and a glossary of terms to help you navigate your way through coverage decisions. You will be able to take a more informed approach to your workers' compensation insurance and what is right for your business.


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Webinar: How to Protect Yourself and Your Business From Workers' Compensation Fraud

This two-part series presented by Ranney Pageler, VP of Fraud Investigations at EMPLOYERS, provides you with the tools you need to protect yourself and your business from workers' compensation fraud. The first module defines workers' compensation fraud and explains the different types of fraudulent claims you may face. The second module teaches you how to defend yourself against workers' compensation fraud and offers resources to help combat claimant fraud. 


Whitepaper: Controlling Costs through Proactive Claims Management

Businesses bear the brunt of workers' compensation costs with lost productivity, training replacement employees and equipment repairs. However, by managing your claims proactively, you can help lower these costs. Within this whitepaper, you'll find information about creating an effective action plan, managing injured workers and improving morale and productivity with returning-to-work employees. Become informed and gain control today.


Video: Loss Control Connection Introduction

Always looking to make your claims process as easy as possible. EMPLOYERS offers a web-based risk management resource that provides you with the tools you need to develop an effective risk management program for your small business. This video highlights some of the tools available to you within the Loss Control ConnectionSM and offers tips that will help you remain proactive and improve your business' risk management efforts.


Whitepaper: Five Questions to Ask Your Agent

Choosing a workers' compensation carrier for your business is an important decision, and we want to help you make the best one for your business. That is why we developed Five Questions to Ask Your Agent - a list of questions and answers to help you guide a conversation with your agent and feel confident in your own knowledge.


Whitepaper: Controlling Claim Costs Through Temporary Transitional Work

Once an injury occurs in the workplace, the employer can significantly influence the cost of the claim. The employer's willingness to provide temporary transitional work while the injured employee is recuperating can eliminate much of the wage replacement cost associated with a workers' compensation claim.


Whitepaper: OSHA Revises Hazard Communication Standard

As of December 1, 2013, OSHA-the Occupational Safety and Health Administration-is requiring workplaces nationwide to have employees trained on the newly issued Hazard Communication Standard (HCS), also known as the Hazcom Standard. Will your workplace be safety compliant by the deadline?


Whitepaper: What You Need to Know About Self-Insured Groups

Although a self-insured group (SIG) is an alternative that will fulfill a state's workers' compensation requirement, it's a riskier alternative to being individually self-insured or going through a private or state-run carrier. This white paper explores the inner workings of a SIG, and educates you on the liabilities to which your small business would be exposed.


Whitepaper: 10 Warning Signs of Workers' Compensation Fraud: What an Agent Needs to Know

Workers' compensation insurance premium fraud is a serious problem. Not only is it illegal, it adversely affects the bottom lines of producers and carriers, and leads to higher insurance premiums for honest businesses. Equipped with the right information, independent insurance agents can play a valuable role in identifying and preventing workers' compensation insurance premium fraud.


Whitepaper: Loss Control: Creating a Culture of Workplace Safety

It is widely believed that employees are a company's most valuable assets. Yet in the course of meeting customer demands and managing unpredictable daily operations, many businesses overlook the importance of having a thoughtful workplace safety program in place to protect their most valuable assets. Taking a strategic approach to loss control not only helps to make the workplace safer for employees, it also results in direct cost savings for the business.


Whitepaper: Workers' Compensation Glossary of Terms

There are many different acronyms used in workers' compensation insurance policies and laws. In this whitepaper, we spell out and define the most common acronyms. 


Whitepaper: Self-Insured Groups vs. Private Insurance Carriers

When it comes to workers' compensation insurance and your business, it's important to purchase coverage from the right insurer. This whitepaper compares the differences between a Self-Insured Group (SIG) and a private insurance carrier.


Whitepaper: Top Five Frequently Asked Questions About Workers' Compensation Insurance

As a small business owner, it is important for you to become familiar with the following frequently asked questions and answers regarding workers' compensation insurance. 


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